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Mighty Movers Elite was established on a foundation of 15 years of friendship. Our shared values and our passion to help those embarking on a new chapter in their lives developed into Mighty Movers Elite, with professionalism enjoyed by countless customers today. Our ethos reflects 3 key principles:  trust, honesty, and dependability. Our word is our bond; integrity is an essential pillar in our business and exactly what you can expect from all members of our team.

When you move with Mighty Movers Elite, you are supporting the local economy by using movers who are committed to ethical labour practices, including never using casual labourers.  We provide full-time jobs to our fully trained employees because we believe your move should be as important to our movers, as it is to you.

Mighty Strength! Mighty Smiles! Mighty Service!……Mighty Movers Elite.

The Mighty Policy

We pride ourselves on our customer care and instill standards with all our team members to ensure that you have the best moving experience possible.

Full Uniform

"Look good, feel good" as we like to say. Mighty Movers Elite believes in the professionalism that a uniform signifies. All of our team members will be in full uniform while moving your belongings.

No Smoking/Foul Language

Rest assured that our team members are extremely professional, especially while on a job. We do not tolerate smoking or any foul language from any of our Mighty Members who are helping you move.


Mighty Movers knows the value of respect- among our clients and between each other. We believe in the golden rule of treating others how we'd like to be treated.


Reliability is an integral part of our success as a team. We accomplish this reliability through consistent time management for all of our team members.

Personal Hygiene

Packing, moving, and assembly is hard work that can build up a sweat. Our Might Movers keep up good levels of personal hygiene while at work.

No Personal Business

We are here to help you. All Mighty Movers know to keep their personal devices put away while on a job.

Get A Video Quote

There is no need to send us photos or lists of all of your belongings. Simply Skype, FaceTime, or email us a video of your belongings for a personalized quote!


Dear valued customer

Mighty Movers Elite is an owner-operated moving and delivery service established in 2015. Each month, we provide moving and delivery service to hundreds of homes and businesses in our community while maintaining a five-star customer service rating.

Our strength as a premium moving and delivery company lies within our team of highly trained and passionate movers. All of our movers have an extensive background in retail, allowing them to carry a unique perspective on the delivery process.

We understand the obstacles our clients may face while moving; our priority is to join you as you embark on your new journey and provide you with some peace of mind knowing your belongings are moved with care.

We guarantee a successful and pleasant move, each and every time!

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